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Criminal Db | Get Quick Solution
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Considering the case you chose in Module 2, write a paper that considers a criminological theory on why the perpetrator(s) committed the crime(s) they did. This could be a theory we have discussed in class, or one that you propose yourself. Do NOT just state the theory, but explain HOW this theory makes sense in this context. If you choose, explain why this theory fits the best by discussing other possible theories and explaining why the one you posit is the best fit. This paper must have 3 academic sources.

All papers must be 3-5 pages completed in Microsoft Word, using a 12 point font in Times New Roman, and be double spaced. All papers will be presented in APA format in accordance with “Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition.” Papers will be written in a style that reflects writing competency that is acceptable for professionals in the criminal justice field and should all have at least 3 academic sources. Each paper must have a cover page, body of information, and a reference page.


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