Critical Thinking Discussion

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Critical Thinking Discussion
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Below are 6 arguments. For your post, choose TWO of them. Type out the structure of both of them, and then come up with counter-examples for both of them. Remember that a counter-example is an argument with the same structure as the original, but with new content, that makes the premises actually true and the conclusion actually false.

Then, for at least two of your classmates, critique their structure and their counterexample. Did they get it right or not? Why or why not? Be specific about what you think they did right and what mistakes you think they made. And, as always, be polite.

The list of arguments you can choose from:

1. Some purple things are not fruit, and some fruit are not apples. Therefore, no apples are purple.

2. All apples are fruit, and some fruit is red. Therefore, some apples are red.

3. Some mammals are cute, and all puppies are mammals. Therefore, some puppies are cute.

4. If you drive south on I-75, you will be in Macon. You are in Macon. Therefore, you must have driven south on I-75.

5. Either June has 31 days, or August has 31 days. August does have 31 days. So, June does not.

6. All cats with fur are carnivores. Therefore, all cats are carnivores.


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