Critical Thinking Questions and Art Experience – Chapter 1 | Get Quick Solution

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Critical Thinking Questions and Art Experience – Chapter 1 | Get Quick Solution
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Please read textbook if needed

Answer questions in full sentences. Answers should be between approx. 200 – 400 words each.

Answer all questions

1. Why do you think we define art primarily visually? What other ways are there to think about art?

2. What do you feel art’s greatest purpose is?

3. Expression is the manifestation of the artist’s perception and response. Each culture may convey these experiences differently. What role do you think your cultural background plays in the way that you are able to/want to think about art?

4. Think of the home where you grew up. What do you think is the most “artistic” thing that was in your home? Is it a piece of art, an object, a room, an area, a pattern, an item of clothing, a rug, a dish, a watch, etc. Write about it in regard to the terms discussed in this chapter-(textbook pdf is posted below) . Can anything be understood as art if discussed with the right vocabulary? Why or why not?

Art Experience: Be an art photographer. Photograph five objects you think function as art and explain why you chose them. Choose objects that are familiar to you in your everyday life.

Each photo should have an explanation of 150 words. Photos can be submitted in black and white.

Due: Thursday, Sept. 17th – 11:59pm


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