Crj 320 chapter 6

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Crj 320 chapter 6
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Follow the steps below:

Multiple Choice Questions: Use your text to choose the correct corresponding answer below AND provide a sentence or two explaining your choice.

1) ________ examined social learning with an emphasis on conditioning.

  1. A) Personality
  2. B) Behaviorism
  3. C) Psychoanalytic theory
  4. D) Trait theory

2) What is the central defining characteristic of a psychopath?________

  1. A) Hallucinations
  2. B) Neuroticism
  3. C) Impulsiveness
  4. D) Poverty of affect

3) A ________ psychopath is born with a normal personality but develops psychopathic characteristics as a result of personal experiences early in life.

  1. A) primary
  2. B) secondary
  3. C) charismatic
  4. D) distempered

4) According to moral development theory, when are people likely to turn to crime?__________

  1. A) They develop the ability to shift back and forth between developmental stages of moral reasoning
  2. B) They cannot successfully transition between developmental stages of moral reasoning
  3. C) They learn to appreciate the needs and interests of others
  4. D) They develop moral relativism

5). ________ theory involves the study of human perceptions and decision making.

  1. A) Cognitive information-processing
  2. B) Psychoanalytic
  3. C) Social cognition
  4. D) Behavior

6) According to Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, the id conforms to the

  1. A) morality and conscience.
  2. B) unconscious mind.
  3. C) reality principle.
  4. D) pleasure principle.

7) Individuals suffering from poor ________ development are likely to seek immediate gratification without considering the long-term consequences of their choices.

  1. A) ego
  2. B) superego
  3. C) repression
  4. D) id

8) ________ is a major criminogenic domain.

  1. A) Poor parenting skills
  2. B) Substance abuse
  3. C) Criminal history
  4. D) Limited attachment

9) According to John Bowlby, ________ attachment is a healthy form of attachment.

  1. A) anxious-avoidant
  2. B) anxious-resistant
  3. C) secure
  4. D) insecure

10) According to attachment theorists, what is the single most important factor leading to conformity?______________

  1. A) The development of empathy
  2. B) Poverty of affect
  3. C) Disengagement
  4. D) The development of scripts


11) Taking away an offender’s freedom by incarcerating him is an example of a______________

  1. A) positive reward.
  2. B) negative reward.
  3. C) positive punishment.
  4. D) negative punishment.


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