Cultural awareness paper

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Cultural awareness paper
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This assignment provides an opportunity to analyze how one aspect of your culture (socioeconomic class)influenced your growth and development, and to evaluate its impact on your identity as a social worker. In a 3-5 page paper that focuses on your socioeconomic class as one aspect of your cultural identity, please:

  1. Discuss, with examples, the ways in which your understanding of your socioeconomic class was transmitted to you as you were growing up (4 points).
  2. Discuss, with examples, how your socioeconomic class influences your current interactions with others within the various systems you are connected (4 points).
  3. Discuss, with examples, the extent to which your socioeconomic class is congruent or dissonant with dominant American culture (2 points). Describe at least two ways you have been affected by this congruence or dissonance (e.g., as a member of the middle class you have enjoyed certain privileges) (2 points).
  4. Discuss how your socioeconomic class has or will influence the way in which you perceive your role as social worker (4 points). This section should be at least 200 words in length.
  5. Writing quality, format, etc. (4 points).


  • Remember to analyze (discuss why and how)rather than just describe.
  • Use examples as evidence (e.g., proof, support) for your analysis.


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