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Current Team Topic | Get Quick Solution
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The utilization and effectiveness of teams have been influenced by technology and cultural changes. Teams must now be diverse and often work together virtually. In addition, global and cultural considerations must be made when creating, managing, or working in teams. Review the text material and required readings on teams. Then, find at least one recent (since 2010) peer-reviewed, scholarly research article on a current topic related to teams (e.g., multi-generational teams, virtual teams, etc.). You may use the required readings as a starting point but the required article should be in addition to the readings list. In your post, include the following:

Briefly describe the topic and the research you found.
How does this topic impact the development, management, or effectiveness of teams?
Does the topic affect global organizations differently than domestic organizations? How?
How do you think this topic will change in the future or how do you see the topic being resolved if there are currently problems?

Your post should be at least 300 words.


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