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cyber security major | Get Quick Solution
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Think of a controversial issue in your major that interests you. If you can’t think of anything, ask a professor in your major about any current debated or unresolved issues being discussed in your field of study. Then, follow these instructions and post your results:

  1. Brainstorm key words that you could use to search for peer-reviewed articles in a database. Write all of these words down that combine your major + an issue.
  2. Find the academic database that is related to your major. You will need to log into access the library databases. Here is the link to the Indiana Tech library databases by subject:
  3. Try 4 different combinations of your key words in the search bar of your academic database. Be sure that you check the box that says “Peer-reviewed” to get only peer reviewed articles back in your search. If you get stuck, ask a librarian for help! You should have a meeting scheduled with a librarian at this point, if you haven’t done it already. In fact, in this post you can discuss how your meeting with a librarian went and what you learned about the academic research process.
  4. Then, post in the discussion board your process for finding your articles, describe any challenges you faced, and explain what you learned about academic research through this assignment. How is searching in an academic database different from casually Googling something?
  5. Also, post each combination of search terms that you used, the number of hits that you got, and if the articles seem like something you would want to read based on the abstract. What are the names of some peer-reviewed journals that you see in your major? What advice would you give to a student in your major looking for sources to use in a research project?
  6. Be sure to download and save the pdf. file of two peer-reviewed journal articles that you find. You will analyze these for your unit two project.


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