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Discussion Board 11 – Hypothesis Test – Sigma Known
1.The US Government (IRS), states that the average amount of time an individual takes to prepare their own taxes is at most 210 minutes (3 ½ hours), with a population standard deviation of 78 minutes.You would like to test The US Government (IRS) claim at the .05 level of significance, so you randomly select 85 individuals who prepare their own taxes and get an average of 228 minutes.
A.What will be the alternative hypothesis?(just need to state – 1-tail -Lower, 1-tail-Upper or 2-tail -just put one of those 3 answers in the body of the discussion board).
B.The value of the test statistic and which test statistic you used (example: z = 1.23 or t = 1.234) and make sure to round correctly depending on which test statistic you will be using.
C.What is the probability of the test statistic for this specific problem? (take into consideration if this is 1-tail or 2-tail test)
D.What conclusion will you come to? (just need to state Accept Ho or Reject Ho and Accept Ha – just put one of those 2 answers in the body of the discussion board).
E.Using the critical value approach at what critical value or values will you start rejecting the null hypothesis? (make sure you are very careful and detailed with your answer, pay attention to signs and values)

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DB question | Browse Solutions
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