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Design bilingual program paper | Get Quick Solution
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Imagine that you are working with a group of parents, teachers and/or community members who seek to establish a bilingual education program in a local school or community site. Your task is to design a bilingual program and persuade the school or governing board to adopt it. Keeping in mind García’s argument that bilingual program designs reflect the aspirations and resources of particular societies, start by considering the situational factors – the needs of the imagined local community of your choice (e.g., demographic, linguistic, socioeconomic, sociocultural, and political factors) and present a proposal to operationalize a bilingual language program to meet desired outcomes (e.g., linguistic, academic, and cultural goals).

A 5-7-page white paper could be submitted to your imagined audience. The paper should include evidence to support your proposed design. It should include charts or other data representations , as well as narrative evidence, such as quotes from research studies, to back up your claims. The paper should be in 12-point font, 1” margins, double-spaced, and followed by a Reference or Works Cited list (using APA or MLA format). At least three of your six references should be from your own research outside of course content.

Please read the instructions and grading rubric carefully, make sure to address that the budget is unlimited and where the bilingual teachers come from. You can say through bilingual certification and screening. Thank you for your help!


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