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Designing an Online Questionnaire | Get Quick Solution
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Given the convenience and speed of Web-based surveys, companies are increasingly using them as a method of delivering questionnaires. Explore online questionnaire design by using one of the free online survey tools available on the Web. Search for “free Web survey” to find online survey tools and pick one for your group to try out for this exercise, the better one to use is (Survey Monkey).

Imagine your group is a marketing team that works for a vending machine company trying to decide which products to stock on a college campus. Design a questionnaire to help gain critical information from your target audience—college students.

Design a ten-question survey that will help you answer this research question. Be sure to apply the strategies for surveys from your textbook, including an engaging introduction that provides appropriate information and a well-constructed set of questions.

Send your classmates the link to your survey in a discussion post so that they can complete it.

After reviewing the results, consider how you would interpret the data you have gathered. What conclusions might you draw from this data? What additional resources or questions would you want to explore, having looked at this data? What new connections or possibilities are revealed by these results?

Consider the survey design process. As you looked at the surveys created by the other groups, what differences did you notice? Would you have made any changes to your own survey based on what you saw in the other surveys? Prepare a one-page report to the head of the marketing department of XYZ Vending Company stating your survey results, your conclusions, further areas of research, and any changes to the questionnaire you would recommend before distributing it to the larger student population.


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