Differentiated Lesson Plan Assignment (SPED680 Course)

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Differentiated Lesson Plan Assignment (SPED680 Course)
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Differentiated Lesson Plan Assignment

You will need the PDF: DI Instructional Strategies eBook for this entire lesson. Make sure you reference the grading rubric for this assignment.

Step 1: Create a new lesson plan from the beginning using the Lesson Plan Template. You MUST use this template!

Step 2: For this lesson, you are going to be teaching a class of students that I will create for you. I realize that some of you are in different settings (general education, resource rooms, inclusion, or ESL classrooms, etc.). You can pick the appropriate grade level and the content. I am picking the students. So get acquainted with your class: 15 students total

  • 3 ESL students
    – 2 Spanish-speaking students. One has very good English-speaking skills but struggles with reading. The other has mixed speaking skills but strangely has better reading skills! How weird is that?
    – 1 student from Saudi Arabia. He speaks and reads English well but still has issues with vocabulary.
  • 3 Students with Disabilities (i.e. IEPs)
    – 1 student with mild autism. He does quite well with written assignments and follows directions. However, his speech and social abilities are weaknesses and a major part of his IEP’s goals. He loves using the computer
    – 1 student with ADHD. This student has tons of energy so she wiggles, squirms, and talks out a lot. However, she is sweet and really wants to please you. She loves free time to talk to friends.
    – 1 student with SLD in reading comprehension. This student does not like school primarily because of his difficulty with reading. He was held back last year. He is great at math and really enjoys sciences and social studies (as long as he presented information orally or through video).
  • 1 gifted student: This student is academically gifted and does all of her class work quickly and effortlessly. She gets bored easily which leads to getting into trouble. She despises being given extra work but enjoys challenges.
  • The other 8 students are spread across the academic spectrum. For instance, you have 2 students who come from very low SES families and they struggle to keep up. However, you have one student from an affluent family who also struggles.
  • You have a core of 4 students who do well on most assignments and they challenge each other.

Step 3: Since you have a class of diverse learners, I want you to start by creating an “Adjustable-Assignments Model“. You will find this on pages 84-95 in the PDF: DI Instructional Strategies eBook. There are lots of examples. This helps you differentiate assignments for your class.

Step 4: Within the PDF: DI Instructional Strategies eBook, go to page 90 (the page number listed on the page, not the PDF page number) and you will find Figure 5.5, “The Six-Step Planning Method for Differentiated Learning“. Use this table to create your new lesson plan for your class.


  • You will see in the examples that they do not select the types of assessments that are bulleted. I want you to pick the assessments you will use by highlighting or changing the color of the types you will use.
  • Create the supplemental materials that you would use (worksheets, choice boards and menus, assessments, etc.).

Step 5: Write a reflection paper about how you anticipate the lesson plan you have created will meet the needs of the diverse set of learners I gave you.

This paper should follow current APA guidelines. It should be no less than 3 double spaced pages in length (excluding the title page and “References” section), typed in Microsoft Word. A 12-point Times New Roman font must be used. Use the first person singular (“I”) and relate the readings and classes to your previous knowledge and experience.

You must cite at least four scholarly sources (your text, peer reviewed articles, NO websites) in your paper. Remember, any sources of information that are referred to in your paper should be referenced according to the APA guidelines. Always connect your writing to your course readings or research. In addition to fulfill the assignment requirements, your paper must meet the following structure:

The reflection paper should demonstrate an in-depth reflection:

  • Paper meets the following structure: (1) an introduction, (2) the body, and (3) a conclusion.
  • The reflection discusses the areas you feel you could most improve as it relates to creating differentiated instruction for your students.
  • Related theories, concepts, and/or strategies are presented clearly.
  • The reflection should include a discussion of how you differentiated instruction and why for each student with a disability in the classroom.
  • Viewpoints and interpretations are insightful and well supported by research and course readings.
  • Clear, detailed examples are provided, as applicable.

So you will turn in FIVE things:

  1. A copy of your original lesson plan.
  2. Adjustable Assignments Model document.
  3. Six-Step Planning Method for Differentiated Learning.
  4. Supplemental Materials to actually teach the lesson plan.
  5. Reflection of DI for students

Since this assignment is more in depth, the assignment is worth 200 points.

Please remember:

  • You need to always connect your writing to your course readings.
  • Cite references from your readings to support your ideas.
  • Any sources of information that are referred to in your discussion should be referenced according to proper APA format. Use the Purdue OWL for help with APA formatting.


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