digital revolution has shaped the role of technology

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digital revolution has shaped the role of technology
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Since it’s foundation, Development has been intertwined with technology — the belief that technological advancement was the means to economic parity. Despite more recent critiques of the role of technology (or even technological-utopianism) within development, there is a strong current that imagines technology as the driver of progress. How do you think the digital revolution has shaped the role of technology within development? What are the potentials within new digital technologies for growth, equity, and economic advancement? What are some of the challenges or limits of imagining and deploying these technologies as development drivers?

Please answer all the questions in your discussion post. It would be great if you can answer them together in one mini-essay rather than as series of answers (1, followed by answer 1, etc). Instead read the questions and then write a post that answers them coherently.

After a day or as soon as its posted before Sunday mid night, will need to respond to two other posting. 100 words each so a total of 200 in responses to two other students. Total of 850- 950 words, reference not included in the word counting. I will upload the required pdfsRead the following:

1.McLennan, Sharon. (2015). “Techno-Optimism or Information Imperialism: Paradoxes in Online Networking, Social Media and Development.” Information Technology for Development. 18 pages


2.Zureik, Elia, and Karen Hindle. (2004) “Governance, security and technology: The case of biometrics.” Studies in Political Economy73(1): 113-137. 23 pages


I will include a paper I’ve done for her class before regarding development in technology.

There are no additional readings , so make sure to read both of these thoroughly!

The Life Equation (2016)

This documentary examines the rise of big data in global health? How do data and AI improve healthcare? Governance? How in turn do these numbers govern subjects, creating new dilemmas and challenges around rights and well-being?


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