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Discipline Plan Analysis | Get Quick Solution
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I currently teach 5th grade ELA (reading, language and writing). I am very warm but demanding. Structure and organization are huge components for my classes.

  • You will analyze your current discipline plan and address the following components by correlating it with your experience in the classroom:
  1. General Philosophy of Discipline – What is your overall view of discipline in your classroom? How was it derived? How is it supported? Does it promote student achievement?
  2. Theories of Classroom Management – What are two theories you use as a basis for your discipline plan? (these must be professional theorists, published authors, etc.)
  3. Specifics of your discipline Plan – Rules of behavior, prevention of misbehavior, support of proper behavior, intervention when misbehavior occurs, communication with students, ethical considerations, etc.
  4. Communicating the Discipline Plan to Students and others – verbal/nonverbal cues, school-to-home connection, review of rules/procedures, classroom meetings, etc.
  5. Based on students you are currently teaching, what have you had to change in the previous areas?
  6. What will your focus be for the next one to two months to improve your classroom culture?
  • Requirements: Each component should be two to three paragraphs and clearly labeled. Writing should be in paragraph form, APA format (title page, body, reference page), and grammatically correct. You must use at least three sources to back up your claims from research. No part of this assignment should be copied from a previous assignment, all work should be original.


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