Discussion about Refugee issue in Europe

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Discussion about Refugee issue in Europe
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The turmoil and conflict in North Africa and Southwest Asia since 2011 have triggered refugees flowing into Europe. Some people think “It is the humanitarian thing to do, and we need them” whereas other people argue that “There is no way we can harbor them all, and they don’t fit in.” (Please read details in below reading materials) What are your opinions?

Please check the requirements of online discussion assignments on the section of “Online Discussion Assignments” in the syllabus. For example, your entry should be at least two paragraphs long. It must be well-organized with a well-reasoned argument and include some indications that you have read the appropriate resources. You must also cite the news article that you use (though I do not care how you format the citation). Lastly, you must reply to at least one other student each week, and it must be a substantive reply.

According to the last sentence above, I still need you to write a reply for me.However, as the professor said, “Replies are only visible to those who have posted at least one reply.” therefore, I can only see the reply of others after I send my reply.

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