Discussion Board #8 | Get Quick Solution

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Discussion Board #8 | Get Quick Solution
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One of your upcoming assignments for next week is an annotated bibliography, and we will be practicing that skill in a journal this week, but since you will be reading sources for this topic in the coming week, it might be relevant to get some clarity on the topic, itself.

Now that you have decided on your topic, think of potential subtopics about which you may write, as well as the point you are attempting to prove; this information will allow your peers to look at the ideas and offer you some potential subtopics or views which you had not already considered.

After you have “thought” about the subtopics and your stance, post a response.

In your post please include the following: (Please write about Cyber bullying)

  1. Begin your post by stating your topic and listing subtopics.
  2. Write a thesis statement stating your stance on your topic.
  3. Write a few topic sentences that would support this thesis.
  4. Write one topic sentence that offers the opposition’s view.

***The post must be at least 250 words.


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