Discussion Board English

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Discussion Board English
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Now that you have read at least 3 of the 5 12.7 Critical Approach Scholarly Articles, address the following:

  • Which approach are you leaning toward the most now that you have read about the five different critical approaches and some articles representing each approach? Why does this approach sound most appealing to you? (1 point)
  • For each of the 3 articles you read (up to 3 points per article):
    1. Craft a one-sentence summary of the authors’ main claim, including the authors’ name(s) and title of article.
    2. Choose 1-2 quotes that could be used in discussion of some aspect of Watchmen.
  • For bonus points, you can complete the above for more than 3 articles. You will earn 3 bonus points for each article you read beyond the 3 required. So if you read 4 of the 5, you could earn 13/10 for this assignment. If you read all 5 articles, you could earn 16/10 on this assignment. Note that these bonus points do not count toward you 30 points of extra credit maximum. Those points will added directly to this assignment score.


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