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For your initiator post, I’d like you to review the cases for the National High School Ethics Bowl (below). You’ll pick one of the cases and answer just one of the questions at the end of the case. Don’t choose the same case you used in the last module. Your post should make it clear which case and question you are answering.
The post must be at least 300 words. There’s no maximum word count, but keep in mind that
grades are not based on quantity of words but on demonstrated comprehension and critical
thinking. The grading rubric below shows exactly what is expected.
0-20 points Point of view is clear and well-defended.
0-20 points Multiple connections made to the main readings and
videos for the week and ideas from previous weeks
0-20 points Moral theory plays a prominent role in the post.
0-20 points Conveys respect for other points of view even if it
takes a contrary position
0-20 points Grammar is polished, several citations are included,
and style conforms to Chicago Manual of Style

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Discussion board question | Browse Homework
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