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Discussion bored | Get Quick Solution
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Pick one prompt and discuss.

  1. Based on the textbook section “Anthropology Meets Popular Culture: Sports, Race/Ethnicity and Diversity” (p. 223 digital or p. 20 in paper), explain the sentence “there is not a biological basis for human race categories.”
  2. Based on the examples in the United States, Brazil, and Japan (p. 215 digital or p. 11 paper), discuss the meaning of the sentence “race is socially constructed.”
  3. Watch the following video (3 min) about the ideal of the American Melting PotKnowing the concepts of acculturation, assimilation, multiculturalism and amalgamation, please discuss: Why is the Melting Pot problematic? How does it contrast to the Salad Bowl metaphor?

Rubric. Your post needs to include 6-10 full sentences. In addition, you MUST reply to at least one of your classmates. Your reply needs to have 3-5 full sentences. Monosyllables like yes/no, or unilinear responses like Agree/disagree, will not count.

Your reply can include asking for clarification on your classmate’s idea, provide additional resources or information, ask for expansion of ideas, tease an idea even more, comment on advantages or disadvantages on what your peer suggested, take an opposing viewpoint even if you do not necessarily take that perspective (play devil’s advocate), argue the other side, etc.

Remember to adhere to the Course Norms, or Netiquette, specially to the “Be specific” point. Also, check the grading rubric.


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