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discussion – counseling skills | Get Quick Solution
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Please review the course objectives and respond to each prompt minimum of 250 words per prompt and utilizing textbook and one scholarly source

Also, please include at least one leading question follow each of your responses

I will forward to you the username and sign on for the ebooks.

Discussion Prompts:

1. Martin introduces the basic principle of “Client is the Problem Solver” in chapter five. Discuss how you will maintain this principle in counseling.

2. A client has difficulty in identifying their strengths. What questions could the counselor ask to assist him/her in recognizing their strengths?

3. A client states that his treatment goal is to make his wife more supportive and loving. What is problematic with this goal? How could you assist the client in refocusing his goal?

4. Discuss how having a theoretical understanding of therapy could help in the counseling process and what are some possible dangers of rigid adherence to a theoretical stance in counseling.

5. Confrontation is often one of the more difficult skills for new counselors to employ. How might you use this skill in counseling based on your reading?

Provided I can receive two of these prompts back within the time frame requested, I will gladly extend the remainder out an additional 7 days


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