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Discussion Essay | Get Quick Solution
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Please answer the following prompts to receive full credit for this assignment. You must answer in complete sentences. Please number your responses. Your total word count for this discussion essay must be at least 500 words. If you don’t write at least 500 words, you will NOT receive full credit.

  1. Refer to your textbook on pg. 160 (Chapter 7). Read or reread the “Local Research” Case Study, and briefly respond to the questions asked at the bottom.
  2. What is the one concept of Chapter 8 that you find the most applicable to your present or desired career? Explain your answer.
  3. As a consumer, what kind of internet and digital advertising is the most influential (pg. 207)? Which type of ad would most likely compel you to interact with it (i.e: click on it, purchase from it, read it, etc.)? Why?


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