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discussion…………. | Get Quick Solution
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Consider the topic of College Education.

Think of college education as a cause and list all of its effects and think of college education as an effect and list all of its causes.

After you have “thought” about the causation and effects, post a response.

Add your initial reply post to this discussion by Wednesday night at 11:59 pm (to do so, just select the “reply” button, below). In your post please include the following:

  1. Begin your post by making college education the cause (label it as such).
  2. List all the effects you can.
  3. Next, make college education the effect (label it as such).
  4. List all the causes you can.
  5. Write a thesis statement showing college education as a cause or effect.
  6. Write two to three topic sentences for the topic.
  7. If you make college a cause in the thesis, the topic sentences need to be effects; if you make college education an effect in the thesis, the topic sentences need to be causes.

***The post must be at least 100 words.


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