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Discussion | Get Quick Solution
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An important part of working with and managing invisible volunteers is being able to effectively communicate online. Think about any experience you have working online, particularly in a position of managing human resources like volunteers. What are important considerations during interactions (such as emails, online meetings, discussion groups, etc.)? How do you ensure your messages get across the right way? Are there any special considerations with regard to managing diversity and cultural sensitivity online? How can you hold people accountable for their words online? Post by Wednesday (see date in the syllabus).

By Saturday at 11:59pm, post a response to one other student. To earn full credit, make sure that you add to the discussion (rather than simply agree or disagree with another student). To add to the discussion, you can reference reading material, such as your text book, or personal examples from your experience.

Points –

.75 for your original post.

.25 for responding to at least one other student’s posting.


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