Discussion on positive and negative aspects of genetic testing

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Discussion on positive and negative aspects of genetic testing
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This discussion forum is about the positive and negative aspects of genetic testing. After having read chapter 2 in your textbook (which discusses reproductive issues parents can face and options available to them) and the Blyth (2008) article (which makes a great case for social workers taking a socially responsible position about reproductive options) I want you to reflect on the case study provided to you in this week’s learning module about genetic testing.


Specifically, address the following questions:

  1. In general, what are your own thoughts about genetic testing?
  2. Do you observe any obvious advantages and disadvantages of the information presented in the case study? Explain.
  3. Are there any potential discriminative and/or ethical practices resulting from genetic testing in the study that may concern you and why?
  4. What other issues in the case study resonated with you and why?

*Be sure to include the required information (citations, references, 1 outside scholarly peer-reviewed source)

This is the handout you will use to answer this week’s discussion question. (genetic testing pdf & chapter 2)


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