Discussion post (150words)+40words reply, Case study 3 (300words+) | Get Quick Solution

Help me study for my Philosophy class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

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Discussion post (150words)+40words reply, Case study 3 (300words+) | Get Quick Solution
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Case Study 1 Critical Thinking (done)

Case Study 2 (Discussion post)

  • REFLECT on the process of the Critical Thinking model NOT on Case 3.
  • You have used all seven sections of the Critical Thinking Model. Reflecting on it by responding to the questions below (150 word minimum).
    • What do you think of the Critical Thinking Model?
    • What did you learn from using this model?
    • What do you like and dislike about it?
    • Will you use this model or parts of it in your everyday life?
    • etc.
  • Read other students’ posts and make one meaningful response. 50 word minimum

Case Study 3 : Decision, Evaluation

  • Again use Case 3, Dialysis Treatment, in Chapter 24
  • DECISION: Use Case 3 and identify what you believe is the best Decision and explain why. Use Options you identified in Case Study 1. (150 word minimum)
  • EVALUATION: Use Case 3. You are REQUIRED to identify TWO Options that may be better than your best decision and explain why. (150 word minimum)
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