Discussion Post #5 , 200+ words , APA ciation | Get Quick Solution

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Discussion Post #5 , 200+ words , APA ciation | Get Quick Solution
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As you have seen and read in this week’s module” I provided them below” , the expectations that the public has of Congress is numerous; however, the reality of the political system here in the United States makes it difficult for many politicians to truly represent their voters needs in government. Regardless, of the limitations that are placed on Congress, we, the public will judge the actions of those we elect by their results. Therefore, do you think that members of Congress should be term limited? Instead of having members be reelected to their seat at the end of each term, each seat in Congress will be term limited? That means that an elected officially will only be allowed to hold that seat for a certain number of terms, similar to the president, who is limited to only two terms in office. Do you think that term limits would ensure that those elected will look after the interest of those they represent? If yes, tell me why. If no, tell me why not. Remember to incorporate this week’s readings and lectures in your response.


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