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discussion post at least 200 words | Get Quick Solution
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In Chapter 10, Persuasive Messages, Peter Cardon summarizes the six main types of influence, as defined by Robert Cialdini, the world-renowned marketing psychologist.

  1. Reciprocation: Returning favors
  2. Consistency: Staying true to commitments
  3. Social proof: Popularity (everybody’s doing it)
  4. Liking: Liking or admiring the person
  5. Authority: Recognized expert or celebrity
  6. Scarcity: Limited amount, deadline

First, complete the assigned reading to familiarize yourself further with these six types of influence. Next, think of a time when you were able to persuade someone to do something for you or someone persuaded you to do something for them. How did it work? Which of the six types of influence was most effective in that instance?

Finally, in your follow-up posts, provide helpful feedback to at least two of your fellow classmates in well-developed and thoughtful prose.


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