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Provide your initial answers to the questions by 11:59 pm on Friday, April 1. Then, make sure you reply to at least two of your classmates by the close of the discussion forum at 11:59 pm on Sunday, April 3. As a discussion group, your goal is to answer all of the questions together! Participation in the discussion is worth up to 25 points. The documents are also in the week 9 module.
Discussion questions: Commonwealth v. Pullis and Commonwealth v. Hunt
Answer any one question about Patrick Grubbs, “Cordwainers Trial of 1806,” The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, Rutgers University-Camden, https://philadelphiaencyclopedia.org/archive/cordwainers-trial-of-1806/ (Links to an external site.)
Why did journeymen cordwainers (shoemakers) in Philadelphia form the Federal Society of Journeymen Cordwainers in 1794? What strategies did they use to meet their objectives?
Why did the masters (the cordwainers’ employers) take the member of the Federal Society to court?
What were the roles of federalist and democratic-republican politics during the Commonwealth v. Pullis trial?
Answer both questions about Commonwealth v. Pullis and Commonwealth v. Hunt Download Commonwealth v. Pullis and Commonwealth v. Hunt
In Commonwealth v. Pullis (1806), what were the main arguments the judge made in his instructions to the jury?
What were the main arguments Chief Justice Shaw made in Commonwealth v. Hunt (1842)? How did his ruling differ from Commonwealth v. Pullis?

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discussion problem | Browse Homework
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