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Discussion Question
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Lecture Video / Power Points are attached

  • Readings this week have covered the benefits, challenges, and prevalence of parents’ working outside the home. The purpose of this discussion is to have students reflect on their own childhood experiences with parents who did or did not work outside the home, and their aims for their own parenting practices.
    • When you were growing up, did your parent(s) figure(s) work outside the home? Describe at least one advantage and at least one disadvantage you felt at the time for you, as a child, while you were growing up with your parenting situation (with regard to work outside the home or not).
    • Next, describe at least one advantage and at least one disadvantage you can now perceive in hindsight for you, as an adult.
      • (Note: Even seemingly ideal situations can have disadvantages, and even seemingly unimaginably difficult situations can have advantages. Invest critical thought into your written reflection.)
    • Do you plan to raise (or are you raising/did you raise) your child(ren) with one or both parent(s) working outside the home? Do you plan–or would you prefer–to raise your child(ren) with one or both parent(s) staying at home or working from home? Why or why not? If you do/did not plan to have children, please offer thoughts on how you’d handle the situation if you had children.
    • Give two specific concrete examples of what parents can do to optimize the parent-child relationship, if they are parents who work outside the home, despite the hours away at work. What can the parent(s) do to help enhance their relationship with their child(ren), even though away from them for part of the day because of work hours?
  • Use course readings, lectures, and online resources


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