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Ask and answer a discussion question that builds on what we discussed during the week (you need to include the link to the information you references when you try to search the question online to back what you asked (the discussion questions needs to be at minimum 450 words each and the responses should be 250 each). The discussion questions I chose to focus on this week was: “How does resource availability and competition affect the survivability/growth of a different community, such as bacteria?”, “If plant defenses continue to evolve, will this then lead to a mutualism between plants/herbivores?”, and “Is it possible to use the Optimal Defense Theory to predict how a plant will defend itself chemically?” All of these questions need a 450 word response EACH. The two responses to two students questions (the .jpeg files attached) also need to be accompanied by a link that you used to attempt to answer their requisitions. Will include an example of my own work and two discussions that you need to respond to.

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Discussion Question and Responses | Browse Homework
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