Discussion questions about a Case Study inlovling Elders & Abuse

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Discussion questions about a Case Study inlovling Elders & Abuse
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Discussion Taken from Chapter 16 – Case Study 16.1 & 16.2

Imagine you are the APS social worker called to help Helen Noble, from Case Study 16.1. What would be the first thing you do upon receiving the referral from the police?

What type of assessment instruments, if any would you use?

What is your opinion as to the action taken by John Benisch, the community service director in the Case Study 16.2 (Pyatt)?

What is your opinion of the social work actions?

What would you have done differently, if anything?

Is it possible that the person labeled as a social worker was not really trained as a social work professional? (see supplemental article regarding APS turnover) The health department, criminal justice system, and APS are involved. Is anyone else likely to be involved in this situation? Who else should be called in to the assessment and/or intervention process for Mrs. Pyatt?

Required APA Discussion Format (to be done for every discussion board unless stated otherwise):

1. You must include in-text APA citations IN your discussion (these are called in-text citations, see syllabus for examples).

2. At the bottom of your discussion, you will space down twice and type REFERENCES. Underneath the phrase REFERENCES, you will list no less than two references (one should be your textbook and the other should be a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article) that match the in-text citations IN your initial discussion post. Make sure references and citations you are using in this discussion are honest, accurate descriptions of information you are actually using for source information.

APS supplemental reading link: https://www.texastribune.org/2018/10/09/texas-cps-…

Required additional resource: Bonnie & Wallace pdf or one of the reference listed in the book on pg 360

The ppt’s and other pdf scans ( chapter 16 from the textbook) are supportive documents needed to complete teh discussion


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