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Reply to this paragraph—-Two themes that came in mind immediately after reading this discussion requirements were Pop art related theme popular culture “obsession with fame and celebrity culture” and Surrealism related theme visual culture “unconscious mind.” These themes are so different from each, but also somehow related as in both themes we can recognize that the artist main idea is to combine everyday things to create something new and strange. Andy Warhold is the artist that started the theme of obsession with fame and celebrity culture in Pop art. He took the post 50s obsession with commercialism, Hollywood and consumer products and turned everyday objects and people from America’s popular culture then into today’s most recognizable Pop Art pieces such as the Brillo box, Campbell’s soup can and the Marilyn Diptych from 1962. His personal understanding of fame, celebrity culture and the rise of the media allowed him to adopt an artistic approach towards people and objects. He portrayed them to an extreme on his canvases. In other hand, the Surrealism related theme “unconscious mind” main idea is dreams. For example, we all dream, and we know that in our dreams there are many things that are mixed and strange. Surrealism artists create their piece of art with this unconscious mind theme that translate their dreams and imagination and combine everyday objects or things to create something innovative and bizarre. One good example would be Salvador Dalí’s ‘Téléphone-homard (Lobster Telephone)’, 1938. Dali was a Surrealist he created this artwork with the unconscious theme in mind. We have all seen a plastic lobster and we have all seen a telephone but by combining them together Dali has created something Surreal. In sum, both themes are related somehow as in both we can see that with everyday normal things, something new, different and strange can be created.

Reply to this paragraph —-The themes that I would like to write about in this discussion are Surrealism and Pop Art.

Surrealism is a literary movement which happened in twenty century and experimented with new mode of expression called automatism, which sought to release the unbridled imagination of the subconscious. Surrealist poets were at first reluctant to align themselves with visual artists because they believed that the laborious processes of painting, drawing, and sculpting were at odds with the spontaneity of uninhibited expression.

Pop art is an art movement that came out in the 1950s and grew up in the 1960s in America and Britain, drawing inspiration from sources in popular and commercial culture. Different cultures and countries contributed to the movement during the 1960s and 70s.

the connection between them is that both of them exist in London and America in the twenty century. Both of them are considered modern art and are popular today and have many fans.

The Surrealist impulse to tap the unconscious mind, and their interests in myth and primitivism, went on to shape many later movements, and the style remains influential to this today. On the other hand, Pop artists organized exhibitions in Britain that displayed some of the first true examples of modern pop art, and their work would later on influence the direction of the movement heavily, eventually producing a similar pop art movement in the United States later on in the 1960’s.


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