Discussion with reading and peer response also weeks Journal | Get Quick Solution

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Discussion with reading and peer response also weeks Journal | Get Quick Solution
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Discussion board needs to be 600 words

Aristotle, in his Nicomachean Ethics provides the first systematic exposition of the ethical framework of Virtue Ethics. In our reading from the Nicomachean Ethics, we saw that Aristotle’s ethics revolves around the notion that the human being has a determinate function, or “good.” Aristotle argues that what is good for human beings is a certain kind of life (activity) in which they may flourish (in actualizing their potential to secure their own happiness, or, in the Greek, eudaimonia) and their purpose can be fulfilled. For Virtue Ethics, questions of morality, rather than being concerned with legislating directly on right and wrong actions (don’t lie, don’t steal, and so on), views the character of the ethical agent to be the primary issue of moral concern. The purpose of ethics is to render us into just and rightly ordered, virtuous people, and the cultivation of virtuous habits in turn serves to make us into moral persons. Failure to cultivate virtuous ways of living leads to an unhappy, disordered, and even deformed existence for the moral agent who falls into vice.

What is your point of view on the central role of moral character in Virtue Ethics? In what ways is Virtue Ethics either helpful or unhelpful for our thinking about moral matters? To what extent can Virtue Ethics help us make sense of ethical issues and questions, or what might its limitations be?


Peer Response needs to be 300 words

Saniris Marschall

To understand the role of moral character in Virtue Ethics, we must first understand what is meant by moral character. Moral character is an evaluation of a person’s moral qualities. It looks at different character traits that can be seen as virtues such as: courage, honesty, loyalty, etc. A virtue is a moral characteristic that a person should have in order to live well.

Now that we have looked at what moral character is and how it is seen and determined, we can talk about its role in Virtue Ethics. I think that since moral character looks at a persons virtues, or lack of virtues, it is essential to virtue ethicists. I think that Virtue ethicists are right to look at right or wrong based on a person’s character. We always judge people based on their character, so why shouldn’t ethicists? I like to think that Virtue Ethicists had a field day watching the presidential debate on Tuesday night. On one hand, you had Donald Trump insulting Joe Biden every chance he got. And on the other hand you had Joe Biden trying to play by the rules as much as possible. Donald Trump lacked virtue on Tuesday night. His moral character is in question. He was not honest, he was not generous, and he was not following the rules. By looking at Donald Trump’s moral character, you can establish that in the eyes of Virtue ethicists, he is not living virtuously or morally.

Virtue Ethics is a different way at looking at whether a person is living morally or not. I do not necessarily think that it looks at why people do the things they do. It states that if you live with a good moral character than that leads to happiness. But it does not look at why people choose to live with good moral character. It chooses to explain that if a person practices being honest, loyal, generous, etc, then they will become people with good moral character. For this reason I do not think it is necessarily what we should base our thinking of moral matters on. As i stated before, this way of looking at ethics is not like psychological ego, where they believe a person does things because it benefits them, but instead looks at how a person should live their life in order to be happy.

I believe that because Virtue Ethics looks at how people should be living their lives instead of why people make the choices they make, it can only help us look at the character of people in certain situations as good or bad. For example, we can argue that Hitler’s moral character was bad because of the things he had Nazi’s do. But we cannot say that his actions were morally wrong by using virtue ethics. This is because he very well could have been loyal, generous and honest to the people he cared about. So therefore, we cannot use Virtue Ethics to draw a conclusion on a person’s whole life because people tend to treat and behave differently around different people in their lives depending on their role.

Journal needs to be ONE FULL PAGE Single Spaced

you will identify a key topic or concept from the previous week and develop some arguments, questions, or reflections that occurred to you in thinking about that topic or concept. Citations of readings assigned in this course will be mandatory for all journal assignments. These are supposed to be reading journals, so it should not be an undue burden to provide quotations from the readings you are reflecting on and discussing.

I will be attaching last weeks story as a refresher, this weeks is already attached.


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