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Task 1: 200 words

Question 1: Obtain a current quote of Tesla (TSLA) from the Internet. Describe what has changed since (same day last year). Stock price, when stock reached its peak, and what happened to the stock price since its last peak? What’s TSLA’s stock current ask and bid quote? Which is higher? Why?

Question 2: Why might the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index be a better measure of stock market performance than the Dow Jones Industrial Average? Why is the DJIA more popular than the S&P 500? Also, explain how it is possible for the DJIA to increase one day while the Nasdaq Composite decreases during the same day.

Question 3: How important is growth to a stock’s value? Illustrate with examples. In addition, under what conditions would the constant growth rate model not be appropriate? Explain why using the P/E relative value approach may be useful for companies that do not pay dividends. Finally, how is a firm’s changing P/E ratio reflected in the stock price? Give examples.

Task 2: 150 words

Explain why having objectives is a very important part of the business strategy. Also, explain what happens when a firm does not identify “good” objectives. How does a firm know they have the correct objectives?

Task 3: 150 words

After you have carefully read The Eightfold Path by Eugene Bardach and Eric Patashnik, discuss what you see as the strengths and weaknesses of his approach. In your view, how will this approach help you to develop and conduct an original policy analysis?


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