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Discussion:this stands out | Get Quick Solution
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In reading Chapter 3, what information stands out to you the most? Why does it stand out? What is it about the information that is particularly interesting, surprising, exciting, or concerning? Please be specific in your explanation and be sure to make reference to your text and/or other sources you use.

Then conduct a search on the internet to find a really good website, article, or online video that addresses the information from Chapter 3 that you are highlighting. Summarize and analyze the website, article, or video content and provide the URL so we can check out your resource. Be sure to summarize some of the content. Don’t just tell us what kind of information you found; teach us information you learn.

Your summary and analysis should be around 2-3 paragraphs in length. It is insufficient to simply write a couple of sentences and refer us to the source for more information. Again, describe what you learn and offer your personal thoughts and opinions. Be sure to include your references.


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