Dr. King Detailed Outline | Get Quick Solution

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Dr. King Detailed Outline | Get Quick Solution
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I upoaded the instructions of what needs to be done, as well as all the documents that you will need to use to write this outline, i uploaded them seperatrly, i didnt know how to put them all in one file so i have to upload them sepearte. This is for my english class. THIS IS JUST AN OUTLINE PLEASE FOLLOW AND USE ALL INSTRUCTIONS. THANK YOU.

Introduction paragraph (use precis template below) Add a thesis. Your thesis will be ” This essay evaluates the claims and evidence made by Dr. King.”

Topic Sentence: One of Dr. King’s Claims (examples: Do not follow an unjust law, tension is good) Put this in your own words. According to Dr. King an unjust law should not be followed.

Evidence – quote in MLA format In order to support this Dr King claims, “XXXXXXXXX” (2).

Rhetorical strategy(ies) that support it This is an example of informed opinion (See Ethos Logos Pathos Chart for this information)

Please identify a total of three claims and repeat this process


Rhetorical Analysis Paragraph .docx

MLK Jail Speech (1).docx

Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.docx

Try to mix up the verbs you use for introducing quotes . He asserts, he demands etc. (see Dazzle verb handout)

Dazzle Words.docx


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