E-Supply Chain Management (ECOM402) | Browse Homework

Below are 3 companies where students are required to write and include all 4 critical areas / points in
their answers. Each company is considered as different questions of 5 MARKS. Students are required to
go through the companies mentioned below and for each company word count is 200 to 250 Words.

IKEA Incorporation https://www.ikea.com/sa/en/
Amazon https://www.amazon.sa/-/en/
Any known Saudi based Company of your choice
Kindly write your suggestions using below areas / points for each of the companies mentioned above,
i. Discuss Supply Chain Integration and Collaboration
ii. Evaluate Procurement Planning and Lean Manufacturing adopted by the above companies.
iii. Define the Web traceability systems practiced by the companies mentioned above for your

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E-Supply Chain Management (ECOM402) | Browse Homework
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iv. Evaluate, how present technologies (Radio-frequency identification (RFID), Cloud Computing,
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management, Predictive Analysis)
are being used by the above companies
Number of Words for Each Above-mentioned company: 200 to 250 Words
please no copy no matches i want perfect answer
after finsh answer make the ppt file for important point as pwoerpoint file
Two minimum number of required references and reference style (APA, Harvard…etc.)
❑ Quotations must be cited to its resources.
❑ For the paper styles use Times New Roman, 12 font size, 1.5 line space and adjusted text.
❑ The student must check the spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting the


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