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Easy quick discussion board | Get Quick Solution
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This is the link for the readings (Chapter 14 & 16): https://www-fulcrum-org.ezproxy.lib.usf.edu/epubs/zc77sq52g?locale=en#/6/2[xhtml00000001]!/4/4/1:0

The login info for the readings: ebenavides1

Password: 3Choloborder!

Here are the instructions:

In three full paragraphs please explain what you believe to be the three most important changes to childhood between the 1950’s – 1990’s. Be sure to fully explain and justify why you chose these specific changes and how they impacted children. In your answer please include the following: 1) specific examples from the book to support your argument, 2) an explanation of how each of these changes has influenced childhood today (in other words, draw links between the changes you focused on and how they set the stage for what children are experiencing now in 2020), and 3) incorporate one picture or image as part of your post.


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