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Ecological Footprints | Get Quick Solution
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In this activity you will calculate your personal ecological footprint and think about what you can do to reduce this to live more sustainably.

1. First calculate your own individual ecological footprint using the calculator at:

2. Review your results and think about which areas of your ecological footprint calculation contributed to your overall footprint score (i.e. areas where you think you have a lower or higher impact on the planet). This might include reflections on your food consumption, transportation methods, energy use, waste practices or other activities.

3. In relation to your personal habits and lifestyle think about the things you already do, or those that you hope to do in future that might reduce your ecological footprint.

4. Finally, think about what might stop or delay you in making changes in a sustainable direction (e.g. a cultural belief, a lack of resources or time, limited control over household decisions, etc.).

5. Once you have completed these steps summarize your personal reflections covering all the points above (i.e. results of EF analysis, evaluation of sustainable habits and impediments to more sustainable actions). Your summary should be approximately 300-400 words.

This activity will be worth 6 points. Marks will be awarded for completing all the steps and for conciseness, accuracy and depth of personal reflection on the topic. Marks will be deducted for poor grammar, spelling or formatting errors.


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