Editorial Analysis

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Editorial Analysis
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For this assignment, you will be asked to:

  • Find an editorial to discuss. You can locate them through a Web search or in a newspaper to which you subscribe.
  • As you read, take notes that identify the following:
    • Tone
    • Purpose
    • Facts
    • Opinions
    • Reasons and claims (noting where they don’t quite add up)
    • Your reaction to the quality of the information source and the sources cited (if any)
  • Select three paragraphs from the text to annotate. Then copy the paragraphs and paste them on the assignment submission screen. Add your comments in [brackets] to distinguish your ideas from the original source. Your annotations should focus on the list of qualities mentioned above (purpose, opinions, etc.).
  • After you annotate your paragraphs, write an additional two paragraphs of reflection.
    • Share your own reaction to the text and identify any biases or personal experiences that might have impacted your reading of the text.
    • Focus on your conclusions as a reader. When all was said and done, did you agree or disagree with the article? Why or why not? What did you see as strong elements? How might this piece be improved?


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