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Transfer skills include your being able to change your writing in terms of tone, genre, and mix of rhetoric in order to suit your purpose and audience. For your transfer assignment #1, please rewrite your academic paragraph as an e-mail to your friend or family member who is doing wrong things with his or her life because he or she believes in some health myth (choose the same health myth that you wrote about in your academic paragraph and use the same supporting points).
Try to convince your friend or relative that whatever he or she believes in is just a health myth, that it is not rooted in science, and that your friend or relative may be harming his or her health by doing certain things.
Your e-mail is NOT an academic paragraph, so your argument, choice of words, style, and tone should change to fit the new audience and purpose of communication. This is NOT a formal e-mail and should be strong, persuasive, and friendly at the same time. Remember that scolding does not help people change their opinions and feelings. Your email should be 200 – 250 words long.
Think about the following questions in preparation for writing your e-mail:
1. What is the purpose of your e-mail? Why are you writing this e-mail?
2. Who is the audience/readers of your e-mail? To whom are you writing?
3. What information do you want to relay in your e-mail?
4. What benefit will your audience/readers gain from reading your e-mail?
5. What objections to the content of your e-mail can your audience/readers have?
6. What is the subject line of your e-mail?
7. Will your e-mail be written in formal or informal (casual) language? Why?
8. What is the appropriate greeting?
9. In one sentence, explain the purpose of writing your e-mail.
10. Provide the arguments you used in your academic paragraph, but in a concise manner (these are your e-mail’s details).
11. Request action: tell your audience what you want them to do.
12. Write the closing of your e-mail: focus on a future action. Sign off.
13. Your email should be 10 – 12 sentences long.
Start with the PAIBOC sheet for an e-mail (5%). Then write the e-mail. Remember about all the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of writing an e-mail. The grade for your e-mail is out of 10 %.
Start by filling out the PAIBOC sheet.
Then open a Word Doc and create the email.
Make sure to have a SUBJECT line.

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Email transfer | Browse Homework
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