ENC1101 Argumentative Essay

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ENC1101 Argumentative Essay
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I need a research paper using MLA format.

Write an argumentative paper about:

1. Performance enhancing drugs

2. Filters on the Web

3. Cloning of Humans

(Choose only one topic from three above)

Present specific claims and address opposing arguments.

MLA Paper Requirements:


* ORDER OF PAGES: Essay 1200-1500 words (6-7 pages), Works cited page, and Appendices (copies of all articles and your book’s copyright page and any other pages you used in your paper)


*One-inch margins (top, bottom, left, right)

*12 pt. standard font—Times New Roman or Arial

*Include secondary sources: Selecting 5 journal articles from the MDC (miami dade college) database is required for documentation purposes. No articles from the internet are allowed. (4 articles with your point of view and 1 article with the opposing point of view).

*Include a running head and page numbers on every page in the upper right hand corner. Although MLA format does not include an outline, you will include an outline.

*Indent every paragraph. Use the active voice rather than passive voice

*Use third-person objective writing rather than first-person writing. Since this is not personal writing, do not use such as I, we, you, my, etc.

Research Paper Process Checklist:

  1. Choose topic and research topic to find sources. (5 scholarly journal articles).
  2. Brainstorm topics to get some ideas. (Cluster, list, etc.)
  3. Organize ideas and develop an outline.
  4. Read sources and take notes and document where your information came from.
  5. Write you rough draft.
  6. Revise draft looking for ways to improve content, form, organization of information presented.
  7. Peer Review- Let someone else read your paper to see how you can improve your paper.
  8. Review draft and make any necessary corrections.
  9. Edit and proofread your draft looking for any errors in grammar, mechanics, usage, etc.
  10. Read and revise paper for the final time looking for any errors.

Research Proposal Questions

  1. What topic do you wish to research and write about?
  2. Specifically, what interests you about this topic?
  3. Formulate a thesis statement using the issue/claim format. (What is your position?)
  4. What are some things you already know about your topic?
  5. What do you expect to discover about the topic?
  6. What do others have to say about this topic? How will you refute the counterargument?
  7. Conclusion?


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