End of Life Worksheets for Discussion Board

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End of Life Worksheets for Discussion Board
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7.2 End of Life Worksheets for Discussion Board

Attached Files:

Complete these prior to 7.2 Discussion Board. Your assignment (7.2 Journal Response) will be a reflection on the process of completing them.

For this discussion post, please complete all of the attached documents in the item folder. Because these will have personal information on them, I do not want for you to upload them into Blackboard. Instead, I would like for you to complete them, and then put them where your loved ones have access.

For your assignment for this discussion board, I would like for you to reflect on the process. What did this make you think about? Where were areas that you realized that you were under prepared? What conversations did you have while working on the end of life workbook? Other reflections?

Please follow the required discussion board format.


Completing the end of life worksheets was a thought-provoking and emotional process for me. One of the areas that I realized I was underprepared for was financial planning for end of life care. I had not considered the potential costs of hospice care or funeral expenses, and this was something that I will need to address in my planning.

One of the most difficult conversations I had while working on the end of life workbook was with my loved ones about my wishes for end of life care. It was difficult to discuss such a sensitive topic, but it was important to ensure that my wishes were known and understood……..


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