ENG101. 4 very short answers

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ENG101. 4 very short answers
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Watch the Facing History video in which individuals around the world are asked to select three words that define America.


Question 1

There were many words that had positive connotations. Choose 3 of the following and decide if you agree with them or not and why.

honest, organized, democracy, rich, nice, disciplined

Question 2

There were many words with negative connotations Choose 3 and decide whether you agree with them or not and why.

dangerously ignorant, naive, imperialist, violation of human rights

Question 3

There were some words that are not obviously positive or negative. With each determine if it was meant to be a positive or negative description, whether you think it’s positive or negative and why.

McDonalds, Bling Bling (Hollywood, LA), Money Money Money , Modern Roman Empire

Question 4

In your honest, no filter assessment, what are 4 new words you would use to describe the United States. Try to find balance (2 positive or 2 negative) but you can answer any way you like.


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