ENG101. 5 paragraph essay

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ENG101. 5 paragraph essay
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What is an American?

In this unit, you will consider the meaning of “American” and then you will write a five paragraph essay in which you define the word and explain whether you fit this identity.

ASSIGNMENT: While only a “citizen” is eligible to vote, an “American” could be a much broader–or narrower–idea. What are our shared ideals? Who represents those ideals? Do you identify as an American according to those ideals? What is an American? Are you an American?
In the first paragraph, you will provide a definition of what it means to be an American. In the second, third and fourth paragraphs, you explain that definition and how you fit into that definition. Then you will write a concluding paragraph. We will take guided steps to prepare for this essay. Following the pre-writing process we use in class, you will compose and revise two well-written paragraphs.

GUIDING QUESTIONS: What is an American? How do you fit into that definition?

PURPOSE AND AUDIENCE: To define an American identity and your own corresponding identity to your classmates, professor, and the community

SOURCES: No outside sources required

LENGTH: 5 paragraphs


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