Engineering Ethics

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Engineering Ethics
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For the first reflection, I would like you to do the following:

  1. Identify some ethical issue in your discipline, area of study, or likely future career path. Make sure you explain what exactly the issue is in language understandable by a layperson.
  2. Explain why you believe this is an ethical issue. What about it makes it about ethics?
  3. Provide your own view on the issue you are discussing. What do you think about it? How ought it to be addressed? What is the right answer?
  4. Assume your reader is a relatively intelligent and open-minded person who tends to disagree with you but is convincible. Convince them that you are right about this issue. Make an argument for your position. Make clear what assumptions, ideas, pieces of knowledge you are appealing to and how they support your view.

This should be done in a short, one-to-two-page unified essay.


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