ENGL 101 University of Idaho My Value Cheap College Degree by Arthur C Brooks Summary See the attached file for instructions on writing essay. Essay should

ENGL 101 University of Idaho My Value Cheap College Degree by Arthur C Brooks Summary See the attached file for instructions on writing essay. Essay should be 1000-1500 words. Please read instructions closely for format of paper. The article that will be used to argue is: https://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/01/opinion/my-valuable-cheap-college-degree.html Essay 3 Assignment Instructions
Response to an Argument
For this assignment, you’ll build on the work you did in your previous essays by writing a 1000-1500word essay (3-5 pages) in which you respond to an argument by a professional writer. Your task is to
write back to the author after you have carefully considered his/her argument.
This assignment is based on Chapter 5 (“Reading Rhetorically”) in The Allyn & Bacon Guide. We will
mainly be following the “Strong Response as Ideas Critique” format on pp 106-108, though you can
also try the “blended response” approach on pgs. 110-114.
You can choose from several different texts provided on BbLearn. You will choose ONLY ONE of
these texts for your response to an argument.
This task requires that you
Carefully read the article that you choose;
Analyze and summarize the argument presented by the article;
Extend or critique the article’s argument and make an argument of your own in response.
Write your response back to the person who wrote the editorial.
Your essay should include the following features (though not necessarily in this order!):
An identifiable and clear thesis statement. This should state your main claim in context of
the article to which you’re responding. What is YOUR main point in response to the article?
Do you agree or disagree with the author? (why?)
Appropriate summary of the article. You need to show the original writer how you
understood his/her column. Therefore, you’ll need to give your reader some context by briefly
but fairly summarizing the article. To write a good summary, you’ll need to have a clear sense
of the article’s argument and the support that it uses to make this argument. A good summary
demonstrates a writer’s grasp of the original argument.
A brief evaluation of the author’s effectiveness (how well the author used rhetoric.)
Your own response to the author’s ideas. Your argument in response to the argument of the
original article must be well supported with reasonable claims.
A conclusion that states why your point of view on the topic is important or significant.
Written in standard, edited English using MLA format for citation. Make sure you
proofread your final essay—and check once more that you have used correct citation in your
response and well as included a Works Cited page.
NOTE: You should refer to the author using “attributive tags” or “speaking verbs,” and you should
also include page citations where appropriate. It’s very important (and respectful to the original author)
to ensure that you clearly show how his/her ideas and words are different from your own.
Essay 3 Grading Rubric
Quality of Revision (10%)
o The writer has made substantive and thoughtful changes based on the comments of the
instructor and peers.
Clear, Focused Argument (20%)
o The essay has an identifiable and clear thesis statement. The argument is well developed
and supported by the body of the essay.
Appropriate Summary of Article (20%)
o The essay offers a clear and accurate summary of the article that demonstrates the
writer’s understanding of the original argument.
Organization (20%)
o The essay is organized coherently as a whole and at the paragraph level. There are
strong topic sentences that help the reader to easily make sense of and follow the
essay’s ideas.
Appropriate Citation (20%)
o The essay includes (and properly incorporates) quotations from the original article. The
essay avoids plagiarism, either intentional or unintentional, by using attributive tags and
page citations where appropriate.
Proper Editing and Format (10%)
o Including correct use of MLA citation style. The essay is free of spelling, punctuation,
and other mechanical errors, and is formatted properly. It is in MLA format, and
includes a Works Cited page.

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ENGL 101 University of Idaho My Value Cheap College Degree by Arthur C Brooks Summary See the attached file for instructions on writing essay. Essay should
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