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ENGL Research Paper | Get Quick Solution
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Research Paper Assignment:

In this unit, you will compose a research proposal, provide a topic sentence outline.

Outcomes for the Research Assignment:

  1. Revise and edit the rough draft; rearrange paragraphs for better flow; reorganize sentences for comprehension.
  2. Rewrite and correct grammar errors.
  3. Substantiate claims that were thin; Eliminate repetitive phrasing.
  4. Cite sources using accurate MLA citation regulations.


–Essay should be roughly 8-10 pages, including Works Cited page (going over is fine, as long as it’s not repetitive: 12 pages max)

–Papers should be typed, double spaced, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins.


–You may integrate information from Engel’s And Then All Hell Broke Loose in the beginning of the research paper, but you will still need to find 6 other articles from research databases.

–3 scholarly articles

–3 non-scholarly articles/podcasts/newspaper articles/interviews/videos

**At least two articles must present your counterargument or your opposing point of view

Topics: Women in the Middle East? Can we bring Western ideals of feminism to the Middle East? Will it work? Is it offensive to their culture to do so?


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