English 102 Baird of paradise how i became Latin

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English 102 Baird of paradise how i became Latin
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  • Religion/Spirituality
  • High school and the challenges from the latina perspective
  • Colorism
  • Ancestry
  • Hip Hop and Raquel’s Identity

Chapters 1-10 of Bird of Paradise deal with one of the ideas above. Your assignment in class today is to identify any section in chapters 1-10 that reflect one of these ideas and write a 300-word response in your own words that explains and does the following:

1. How does your topic effect Cepeda?

2. Why does this section reflect your selected idea?

3. Use evidence from the book using MLA citation to support your point

4. Use proper paragraphs/clear sentences/ strong punctuation

5. Makes reference to page #s

The book that you have to refer to is Bird of Paradise How I Became Latina Book by Raquel Cepeda


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