English 102 Essay

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English 102 Essay
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Essay 1

Pick 1 Topic Question

1. Chose two of the short stories that we have read and discussed as a class. Identify a shared major theme of the works and explore what literary techniques the authors use to establish and develop that major theme. Additionally, focus on how these themes are illustrated, established, and explored in each text.

2. Choose two of the short stories that we have read and discussed as a class. Identify two similar characters from the works and explore why, how, and what makes those two characters (one from each text) similar. Focus on their character traits, internal and external conflicts, and any other contextual similarities.

Remember: You need support from the text. So, use citations from each reading to support your claims.

Remember: Essays will be in response to course reading. Essays must be typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman Font size 12, with your name, date, and the assignment title in the upper left-hand corner of page one. Your last name and the page number should be on the top right-hand corner of each page, and follow all the rules of MLA formatting. Essays must be at least 1,000 words (unless otherwise noted). Late papers will be accepted for one class meeting after the established deadline, with a 10-point deduction. Any work submitted more than one class meeting past its deadline will not be accepted regardless of absence from class. ALL writing assignments will be shared with me, via: on Blackboard.

Remember: You will create a Works Cited page for your essay. Your entry should be cited as a work from an anthology. I will show you a sample entry on this handout.


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