English 102 literature | Get Quick Solution

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English 102 literature | Get Quick Solution
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Taking an online English 102 literature class, work needs to be submitted every Friday and Sunday. Class only runs till October 24th. Discussion board due today “Begin your class discussions on week one in this forum. This is the primary place for you to share ideas about the course content with your classmates! Participation is 20% of your final grade. Each week you should post about three well-developed paragraphs about the reading and assignments you are working on (try to make your work a productive contribution to your classmates’ discussion at all times) by Friday night at Midnight. Then, before Sunday night at Midnight, be sure to respond to a minimum of two classmates in two or three well-developed paragraphs”

  • Read pp. 1213-1278. Also read “Cask” (14), “Death in the Woods” (129), “A&P” (268), “Cathedral” (p. 274), and “Happy Endings” (p. 300).
  •  Read the Week One lecture.
  • Post in the Week One discussion and respond to two classmates about pp. 1213-1278. Do this in a complete paragraph (or two), practicing building effective paragraphs and being mindful of your audience. You will then respond to at least two of your classmates by Sunday (in each forum), in a way that demonstrates your level of consideration of the topics, a firm grasp of grammar and syntax, and a desire to continue the conversation (never shut it down!).
  • Turn in a 6-10 sentence summary and a response (separated, but in one document, please), both about the same story and in one document: either “Cathedral” (p. 274) OR about “Happy Endings” (p. 300), by Sunday night.


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